Why I want a PlayStation 5

The PS5 will be available 19 November in South Africa.

Why do I want a PS5? Well, I feel a valid reason, or some form of higher justification is just not required. It’s a PlayStation. A new one. So there.

The new PlayStation 5

A PlayStation is different to a phone, TV, or most other tech that comes along with an upgrade almost like clockwork every year now. I feel we don’t really need these upgrades because we get very little in terms ground-breaking new tech in a phone every year, but hey (the Pro version came out sporting a 1TB of storage – its main draw card, though, was the fact that it could handle 4K games and PlayStation VR).

So, seven years on and my PS4 still does its job. Space is problem, but I can use an external drive.

My phone on the other hand is showing its 3-year-old age – not just in function, but looks as well. My black PS4 blends seamlessly with the rest of my black AV equipment. But for my phone I can’t even buy a phone case or screen protector anymore.

If go to the local cell phone shop and the guy asks me what phone I have, I go “P10” then the he asks, Lite? And then I say P10 and he says “Lite?” NO! Then he goes, let me see your phone and then he’ll go, ok no we don’t have anything for this.

So other than use the PS to play games (which is its main and only reason you should care about it) – I use it to browse YouTube and its my primary machine to Netflix and Chill. The PS also has no problem connecting with my also now outdated LTE router and I watch movies without any lag.

But that’s kind of it. You can watch a few other niche channels Red Bull, Amazon and of course if you still make a trip to the “video winkel” you can pop in a Blu Ray.

And now eight years after the original PS4 launched we get the PS5.

So, we’ve waited long enough and there are people that now have 4k TV’s in their houses, so hooking up a PS5 is no problem.

Now I could talk about the new SSD (Solid state drive)  and how it opens up the creation of new more immersive worlds for game play. Also, the new Dual Sense controller that even further deepens the Immersive experience. There are many features of the PS5 that takes us into the next generation of gaming.

Here is video to check out all this funky new stuff.

But someone will quickly point out – it’s expensive. Most tech is thou. But I think it’s kinda better to justify buying a new PS over something like a new flagship phone.

Most flagships and even some mid-range phones now cost more than the retail price of the PS5 which is set at R9 999 for the Digital Edition and R11 999 for the Ultra HD Blu-ray Edition.

Now some people claim that’s way too expensive if I can only play games – I say you ‘re old and obviously don’t play games. If someone has use for something who are you to question that use.

I dare most people to tell me what they do with their Samsung S20 Ultra (R27 499), Note 20 Ultra (R29 999) or iPhone 11 Pro (R20 000). Or for that matter any smartphone more expensive than the new PS5.

I can tell you – you watch YouTube, Netflix, send a WhatsApp and sometimes talk to your parents. Occasionally you might check your email, but if you write an email it will be on your Macbook or whatever laptop your using. But that’s it, no wait…. some of you even play stupid mobile games.

Granted there are individuals out there that can justify using those phones, but most can’t.

Now I can talk about how the PS experience transports you to another world where you can be Ronaldo or Messi, race an F1 car next to Lewis Hamilton, kill zombies, raid tombs or be Spider-Man and swing from Manhattan roof tops.

But this is the thing I can’t explain that to you or make you understand. You must be open to it and most people just still think games are for kids. Because that’s how you were raised.

Parents: “Wat doen jy?” 

Me: “Speel games.”

Parents: “Jy moet dai kak los en iets beter doen. Gaan sny die gras en maak die braai skoon.” 

And now teenagers earn millions playing games for a living in an ever expanding industry and I had to clean the braai.

Thing is it’s a hobby and there are many, so pick one you like.