Things we should leave in 2018

Play this while you read and then leave this movie in 2018 too…

It’s been a rough year filled with many lessons, but there are a couple of things we need to forget.


I’m very judgmental. But I keep it to myself. I try my best to not let my own insecurities and prejudice impact personal relationships. The trick is to separate the stories you make up in your head about how people are supposed to behave from the reality that people are different.

Everyone has the same freedoms to be and do as they please as you do. And that extends into all spheres of existence. The next great idea in your business will most likely come from someone who doesn’t look like you. We need a variety of perspectives to find alternative solutions to our problems. The only way to do that is encourage diversity in your personal and professional relationships.

We’re all in this together and everyone deserves the same opportunities and compensation.

Drake’s rap career.

Remember when Nu Metal was the biggest music genre on the planet? Yeah, that bit of history is not so flattering to us 90s teens. The same will be true of Champagne Papi in a couple years time. Trust me. Don’t agree? Go play his debut album from front to back and see how many tracks you genuinely enjoy. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

My theory goes like this: Drake hasn’t really added anything to the culture and wasn’t a particularly unique artist from the start. He is, however, handsome and rich. He is also possibly the best pop star of his generation. Always on trend. Inspired by greatness. And, crucially, a constant source of popular music that lacks in overall substance.

He is the Britney Spears of our time.

Kanye hate.

While we’re on the topic of Drake’s inspiration let’s talk about his biggest. If there wasn’t an 808s and Heartbreaks there wouldn’t be a 6 God. Kanye has been the most influential artist of the last decade. Don’t @ me. Of course I’m a huge fan, but also only one who joined post Graduation. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

I prefer music that challenges my understanding of music. 808s, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Yeezus, The Life of Pablo and recently Kids See Ghosts all had a profound effect on me. No-one else can make music like that revolutionize the sound of a genre quite like Ye.

If you focus on his music only and not who he portrays himself as in public, Kanye is still one of the best in the game. Also all the attention will only feed the troll.

Sneaker culture.

Speaking of Yeezy’s impact, we can’t really can’t ignore that he reignited the fire of the “drop.” There wasn’t much outside of Jordans that hype beasts could rally behind before Kanye West pushed out his first shoe. And sneakers have looked terrible ever since.

Gone are the classic flat sole styles of Chuck Taylor and Superstars, and in is the blurred lines of athleisure. Adidas was the biggest loser in this new world of sneakers when it decided to endow casual wear with the aesthetics of its running shoes. Most races you attend now are a Nike foot fest because it’s so difficult to spot the actual running shoes between the sneaker mess.


Or maybe not. Let’s keep this. Have a fantastic Christmas and thank you for the support.


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