I made a YouTube video and now I want to die.

So this happened. But first, some context. I started this new venture to create the media and deliver the service that I could never do when representing a big, international brand. The nice thing about being employed by a publisher is that a salary gets paid into your bank account every month. The terrible thing about being employed by a publisher is that you never get to tell the important stories because they either don’t sell magazines or, at worst, they alienate possible advertisers. I’ve always wanted to make a positive contribution to my environment and now I have the freedom to do it.

This first video is in response to all the negative press the government gets about the perceived state of our education system. Much of this press is simply clickbait with no follow-up resolutions. South Africa has produced some of the world’s leading minds, so I find it very hard to believe that things are as bad as we’re made to believe. Yes, I agree that we need some reform, but we simply don’t have the budget for the type of changes that most often gets suggested. My idea is to start small with policy changes. Removing the confusion of enrolling your child in a school will have a positive effect. If parents have a predictable, transparent process I believe they will then be more likely to feel included in the child’s schooling.

Inclusivity leads to more active participation and a level playing field makes for a better interaction platform. Governing bodies will then have a better chance to be transformed into something more representative of the community. Fair representation encourages the sharing of ideas. More ideas result in better solutions.

I didn’t realise how much courage that freedom takes, though. You’ll never hate your face or the sound of your voice more than when you have to publish a video to the internet and then market that content. It’s my idea, my image and the potential judgement of millions. I wanted the earth to swallow me whole last night. But its out there now and all I can do is keep working on the next one.

The important thing, though, is to convert this into a sustainable business. For that, I need your support in spreading the ThatOpinionGuy reach or telling me that I’m full of shit and should rather do something else. How to fix South Africa is my YouTube channel launch series, with two videos every month. I’ll be experimenting with other stuff in-between like tech reviews and, eventually, build to documentary-style features. But this is the start and I hope you like it. And if you like it, tell someone else about it.

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