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Christiano Ramos (or Tiano in the game), the best Call of Duty Mobile player in the country – or the continent, depending on who you’re speaking to – says high refresh rate displays are a massive benefit. Specifically, the ability to lock framerate on a game.

If you believe the marketing and the popular youtubers, you’d think that high refresh rate displays on mobile devices are a transformative technology.

High framerates make the game play more fluidly and you see every movement. Details like this are important especially in a game where you need to time headshots.

But your data connection is equally important to ensure that your controller inputs are relayed in real time. External controllers are banned in international competitions, by the way.

Carry1st just did South African players a major solid and invested in local servers in Johannesburg which has more than halved the latency. I managed to get a server response time of 42 milliseconds on WiFi6 from a 100mbps Rain 5G connection.

Now Mzansi’s elite COD mobile players aren’t crippled by data connection to the game and that framerate advantage really comes into play.

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